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More Books Available for Warren Patrons on Overdrive
Warren has begun to add a few additional eBooks and Audiobooks to Overdrive which will be available ONLY to patrons with a Warren Library Card Number. Our numbers start with P5674 in case you aren't sure where your card originated. When you go on Overdrive to look for a book, sign in first thing. If the book you want has a long waiting list (more than 3), contact me at warrenlibrary@gmavt.net and I'll buy an additional copy if funds allow. So far I've been buying eBooks because they are considerably less expensive than audiobooks. We have: The Great American Whatever, (Federle, juvenile) The Guest Room (Bohjalian) A Little Life (Yanagihara) and Miller's Valley (Quindlen). Books exclusive to Warren have a funny little orange symbol in the left-hand corner. Let me know if you have questions!

UPDATE! I've just added an audio edition of All the Light We Cannot See and an eBook edition of The Nightingale to our private collection. Enjoy!

UPDATE! I've just added an eBook of Hide Away by Iris Johansen. The waiting list was up to 11.
Where to donate books
Check it out! The Digital Public Library of America
Need to track down some federal info?
Here is a good starting place if you aren't sure which agency has the loot!

Online Privacy is a Real Problem
Just found this great resource for protecting your information. http://www.peoplesmart.com/privacy-education

Check out the Kid's Page
Marie and I are beginning to add fun stuff to the children's pages http://www.warrenlibrary.com/kidstart.asp
Chickens laying?
We have egg cartons galore, come and pick some up!

Why learn a language?

Free language courses available at your library. We have several on the shelf: Spanish (468.3421), Russian (458.3421), Japanese (458-3421), French (443), German (430). Some courses are available online: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean and ESL (English as a Second Language).  To reach the language courses go to http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/vol_w25?db=PWSP and log in using your library card number. You'll be prompted to set up a log-in name and password for future use. If you don't know your number, just call the library at 496-3913 and we'll be glad to help you get started.

Read the series in order? This can be a challenge sometimes!
But eSequels can help!

Log in using your library card number. This site is a bit slow, but it can be helpful if you are getting frustrated trying to read a particular series all the way through in order.

Thousands of eBooks for Warren patrons
Do you have an eBook reader? Interested in free content? Go to http://warrenlibrary.freading.com/index and log in with your library card number. (Note: this will only work with Warren numbers for the time being). This system works with "tokens". Every patron can use up to 5 tokens per week. Unused tokens roll over. If the library runs out of tokens we can increase our allotment.  Let me know if you have questions. (Note: compatible with most eReaders, but of the Kindle family, only with Kindle Fire)

Job-Hunting Resources
Job hunting?We've got help!


You can also try this free Resume Builder

Having problems with fraud, deception or unfair businesses?
check out the free resources at consumer.gov and consumidor.gov (same info, but in Spanish).

Great list of library benefits.
The Mad River Valley Libraries (Joslin Memorial, Waitsfield; Moretown Memorial; and Warren Public Library) do not offer every single one of these services, but we do have a lot of them with more in the pipeline.

Check it out at your local public library! http://www.pjstar.com/blogs/checkitout/x142966941/60-Ways-to-Use-a-Library-Card

What is your library worth to you?
I've added in a fascinating summary of the nationwide struggle for and value of library services. Take a look!





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Thank you to StateStats.org
for providing this infographic and other free web guides and tools.


The Library Value Calculator is down at the bottom!

Try out this handy calculator to figure out the financial benefit to you and your family from your public library.

Book Club Resources
Sets of books available
Talking about Books is a small business, run by a librarian, which supplies sets of books at modest cost.